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Renato De Giovanni <renato@cria.org.br>


This task group will draft, document and maintain the TAPIR (TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval) standard for TDWG.

TAPIR specifies a standardized, stateless, HTTP transmittable, XML-based request and response protocol for accessing structured data that may be stored on any number of distributed databases of varied physical and logical structure. TAPIR combines and extends features of the BioCASe and DiGIR protocols to create a new and more generic means of communication between client applications and data providers using the Internet. The TAPIR task group will ensure the applicability and effectiveness of the protocol through association with the development of reference implementations.

TAPIR was developed for use with biodiversity and natural science collection data but is a generic tool applicable to other domains. This task group will also maintain awareness of the potential for interoperability with other subject domains and the protocols that are used or are under development in those domains, and will consider the benefits or problems of convergence with them. The TAPIR task group will liaise with other TDWG subgroups and allied working groups to ensure compatibility of approach and avoid duplication of effort particularly with related biodiversity standards initiatives.


Approved as a TDWG standard

Latest News

09-Oct-2009 Darwin Core Ratified as a TDWG Standard

The TDWG Executive Committee announces the official ratification of Darwin Core (http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/index.htm) as a TDWG standard.  Darwin Core joins four...

27-Sep-2009 Charles Copp

It is with very deep sadness that I report the death of Charles Copp on Thursday September 24th 2009 after a long and valiant struggle against a brain tumour.

Many people in our communities will have come across Charles in his...

14-Sep-2009 Public Review of TAPIR

TDWG is pleased to announce the commencement of the Public Review of the TDWG Access Protocol for Information Retrieval (TAPIR) - a method for sharing biodiversity information.  Since being officially put forward as a draft,...

15-Oct-2008 TDWG2008

TDWG 2008 is only a few days away. We have around 170 people registered from 25 countries and 110 organizations. 

The program has been finalized. There are 82 presentations, 37 posters and 12 computer demonstrations! The...

25-Jul-2008 EDIT Summer School 2008 ‘Modern Taxonomy and Field Work’

The EDIT Summer School 2008 is an initiative of the European Network of Excellence EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy). It aims to train students in “Best Practice” of field sampling and various aspects of taxonomic...

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