31-Mar-2009 04:43 Age: 9 yrs

TDWG Motto?

By: Lee Belbin

We are looking for a succinct and memorable motto for TDWG to be used on a banner, stationary and web sites.

We have seeded a few suggestions to start you thinking, and have a little fun-

  1. TDWG - open foundations for sharing biodiversity information
  2. TDWG - liberating information on the world's biodiversity
  3. TDWG - making biodiversity data accessible and useful/usable
  4. TDWG - organising biodiversity data for science and policy
  5. TDWG - saving the planet one byte at a time
  6. TDWG - Ask about our Latin motto competition

Please visit the motto Wiki page at http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/Executive/TdwgMotto and add your ideas or vote on your favourite, before April 18.

  Last Modified: 08 October 2006