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NC State University Insect Museum Implements LSIDs


The Insect Museum of NC State University has now implemented LSIDs for their collections with help from Roger Hyam, see To quote the announcement- "What does...[more]

Short note on LSID Tester tool published


A short note on Rod Page's LSID Tester tool has been published in the Open Access journal Source Code for Biology and Medicine. The DOI is doi:10.1186/1751-0473-3-2 and the direct link is[more]

LSID Authority Setup Guides


The TDWG Secretariat and the TDWG Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) Task Group announce the availability of the LSID Authority Setup Guides- These guides were...[more]

The Nordic LSID e-infrastructure is starting


The aim is to generate or retrieve LSIDs for all organisms in the region.  The work will start on from Lepidoptera for which three different taxonomies are currently being used in the region, and thus data integration by...[more]

CATE LSID Resolution Service is live


The CATE project (Creating A Taxonomic e-Science) is a UK NERC-funded research project to create taxonomic web-revisions. The latest release includes an LSID Resolution Service (undertaken as part of a contract with GBIF). The...[more]

Request for Comment on TDWG LSID Applicability Statement


The TDWG Infrastructure Project (TIP) has been working on a new draft of the TDWG LSID Applicability Statement. This document- provides guidance on how to use Life Sciences Identifiers (LSID) to meet specific requirements of...[more]

LSID Policy Workshop


A workshop to develop a policy on LSID deployment was sponsored by the TDWG Infrastructure Project. The workshop was hosted by Greg Whitbread at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra April 2-4 2007. The workshop...[more]

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