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IUCN-OASIS Second Workshop on Biodiversity Standards


The second meeting organized by IUCN to discuss biodiversity standards was held at Conservation International (Arlington, Virginia) on June 26. Lee Belbin and Roger Hyam represented TDWG and √Čamonn O Tuama represented GBIF. The...[more]

LSID Policy Workshop


A workshop to develop a policy on LSID deployment was sponsored by the TDWG Infrastructure Project. The workshop was hosted by Greg Whitbread at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra April 2-4 2007. The workshop...[more]

Annual Conference 2007


The first version of the 2007 Conference Schedule has been released and the Registration Site is active. Please visit the 2007 Conference pages for more information.[more]

Geospatial Interest Group Charter Approved


TDWG Executive Committee Approved The Geospatial Interest Group Charter [more]

Australasian LSID Policy Workshop completes


Members of the Australasian Biodiversity Federation attended a three-day meeting in early April to make recommendations towards an LSID Implementation Policy. For more information, please see the meeting website at...[more]

Request for Comments on LSID HTTP Proxy Usage Recommendations


The TDWG Infrastructure Project (TIP) Team is putting forward a proposal to make Life Science Identifiers (LSID) more interoperable with standard World Wide Web and Semantic Web applications. In that proposal we recommend the use...[more]



A brochure outlining the features of Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) has been produced. The aim of the brochure is to build TDWG's membership; a priority for 2007! If you want to print copies, the brochure is...[more]

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