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16-Jul-2007 06:00 Age: 8 yrs

The first Task Group Charter Now Approved

By: Lee Belbin

The Darwin Core Task Group charter is the first of TDWG’s task groups to be approved by the Executive Committee. This task group sits under the Observations and Specimen Records Interest Group.

Interest Groups provide the home bases for members and supporters to discuss issues of domain interest.  A Task Group is initiated when an Interest Group seeks a specific outcome within a specific time period. A Task Group charter is prepared containing details a work plan to achieve the outcome. The charter is submitted to the Executive Committee for review. I approved, the Task Group becomes officially active.

Darwin Core is currently an informal standard that is in widespread use across the biodiversity data world. GBIF for example makes extensive use of Darwin Core for aggregating biodiversity data across its nodes. The Darwin Core Task Group is now seeking to formalise the Darwin Core standard by producing three related standards documents by September 15, 2007:

Interested members and supports are encouraged to join the Darwin Core Task Group to support the work. Further information from the Core Members of the Task Group-

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