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IUCN-OASIS Second Workshop on Biodiversity Standards

By: Lee Belbin

The second meeting organized by IUCN to discuss biodiversity standards was held at Conservation International (Arlington, Virginia) on June 26. Lee Belbin and Roger Hyam represented TDWG and Éamonn O Tuama represented GBIF.

The workshop was comprised of three sessions. The first discussed potential use-cases from

  • TDWG on species taxonomies
  • IUCN red list
  • IUCN protected areas
  • Invasive species
  • Access to taxonomic literature (TaxonX)
  • Geospatial standards unique to biodiversity data

These use cases were requested by TDWG to better understand the requirements for conservation standards for IUCN and the Conservation Commons (

The second session broke the group into three subgroups to address

  • Is there anything missing?
  • Problem definition, subcategories and work statement
  • Identify who should be involved
  • Identify who should take the lead

The three groups were

  • Species conservation status
  • Area Conservation status
  • Taxonomic literature

In the last session Peter Roden from OASIS discussed the OASIS process.

On the following day (June 27th), a draft decision from the Conservation Commons Steering Committee meeting concerning the standards work stated:

“In considering the deliberations and results of the working group meetings on the issue of biodiversity conservation data standards (April 19 – Gland, June 26 – Arlington), the Conservation Commons Steering Committee agreed to move forward with this initiative, on a proof of concept basis, and formally establish an OASIS Biodiversity Conservation Data Standards Committee. Cognizant that there will be further refinement to the focus and workplan as organizations come on board, three initial technical committees will be established – Species, Areas, and Publications/Literature - with TDWG playing a lead role in the Species technical group. Conservation Commons Steering Committee members agreed to undertake the necessary steps internally to formalize membership with OASIS. It was further noted that success in this endeavor will be in part dependant on IUCN playing a leadership and facilitating role in this body of work.”

The TDWG Executive Committee will be discussing how TDWG is involved with the process of development of standards through OASIS at the Executive Committee meeting in Bratislava on September 16.

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