Jun 2006 - Madrid Meeting

A meeting of the TDWG Infrastructure Project Team and core members of the TDWG Executive took place in Madrid June 1-2, 2006 to discuss project recommendations.

Below are the MS PowerPoint slides presented at the meeting.

TDWG Exec Madrid 2006 6 TIPStatus 03.ppt

Status of TDWG Infrastructure Project

150 K

TDWG 2006 Exec Architecture 04.ppt

TDWG Tecnical Architecture Overview

150 K

TDWG 2006 Exec WebInfrastructure.ppt

New TDWG Web Infrastructure

1.3 M

TDWG 2006 Exec Docs 04.ppt

Documentation Requirements for TDWG Standards

96 K

TDWG 2006 Exec GUID v02 03.ppt

Development on Globally Unique Identifiers

53 K

TDWG Exec Madrid 2006 6 Support 03.ppt

Support Possibilities for TDWG

240 K

  Last Modified: 10 October 2006